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Power a smarter fleet and run a stronger business with Sarthi Systems gps based vehicle tracking solutions.With our easy-to-use web-based and mobile Vehicle tracking applications, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your vehicles.

It’s not easy running a business – especially when you need to track a fleet of vehicles. Without having each vehicle’s exact information and location, it’s difficult to choose the best route. This leads to unwanted wastage of Time, high fuel consumptions, excessive mileage, and avoidable wear and tear. At this point, our gps based Vehicle Tracking Systems becomes a helping tool in managing your fleet.

Sarthi Systems believes businesses like yours deserve better. That’s why we empower you with our best in class GPS Based Vehicle Tracking Systems – helping you cater customers, outpace your rivals, manage what you’ve worked so hard to build, and grow your business.

About GPS based Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS based Vehicle tracking system or gps tracking or gps systems,unless you're a spy, is mostly used by Commercial Vehicle owner, Transporters/Cargos/Packers & Movers/Logistics, and Emergency Vehicle, Security Vehicle, Taxi/Cab Service, BPOs/Call Centers, Colleges/Schools, Petroleum/ Gas/Milk Companies, Supply Chain, Public Transports that send out large fleets of vehicles and products.

Delivery trucks, taxi companies and repair and maintenance companies all can use sophisticated electronics to track workers and plan out important and sometimes complicated routes.

These devices can increase efficiency and cut down on losses caused by human error, so more companies will most likely be willing to spend a little extra on a decent tracking system for security. It's ideal for personal car user for preventing theft….

  • Easily track your fleet information-anywhere,anytime with our Vehicle Fleet Management System.
  • No vehicle tracking software to install or maintain with our web based live tracking.
  • Number of gps tracking reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for future delivery.
  • Number of user-defined alerts that can be sent via email and/or cell phones by our gps tracking system.
  • Review and analyze historical data to improve fleet or vehicle utilization. Automate fuel monitoring.
  • Increase fleet efficiency by monitoring idle time and driving habits.. Eliminate "out-of-route" trips.
  • 24X7 accesses to your fleet information. Car Tracking and Theft Prevention made Simpler!!

Our Vehicle Tracking Solutions:Total Control of Your Vehicles in Your Hands

Gain peace of mind with Sarthi Systems Vehicle Tracking Solutions !!

Knowing where your vehicles have been, when they were out of sight, 24 hours a day, seven days a week increases your confidence that the vehicles are being used efficiently and in best possible way.

Sarthi Systems offers one of the most advanced, affordable, and easy-to-use gps fleet management and gps based vehicle tracking systems in Jaipur and all over Rajasthan.Sarthi Systems vehicle tracking solutions offers reports and alerts such as Distance travelled,Trip summary,Stoppage/Halt,Overspeed and many more. Sarthi's Fuel Monitoring/Fuel Tracking System provides best in class accuracy.With sharply increasing fuel costs, our gps based tracking solutions helps you to economize wherever and whenever you can.Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems with engine shut-off gives the vehicle owner the ability to disable the starter from mobile in case of unwanted situation or Theft.

Sarthi Systems is committed to provide cost-effective gps vehicle tracking solutions that demonstrate high return on investment. The advantage of our vehicle tracking solution is that it can be easily tailored to your specific needs without the expense of creating a completely new solution. Sarthi Systems best-selling GPS tracking devices range from low-cost basic trackers to highly sophisticated real-time tracking devices which makes us one of the best gps tracking service providers in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

Our Vehicle Tracking Services are available in Jaipur,Jodhpur,Udaipur,Kota,Bhilwara,Bharatpur,Pali,Ajmer and all other major cities in Rajasthan.

Double Ensure Safety of Your Child-Student with our GPS and RFID based Solutions for Schools

RFID Security in Schools is the need of the hour today. Sarthi Systems RFID based Solutions detects students arriving in the morning or the beginning of their study timings at main gate. This Identification is stored in a central database, and various actions based on it are then taken. The actions can be sending SMS message to the parents informing them of the safe arrivals to school, or inform the exit from school. This message transmission is done automatically via the in-built software, and is available for viewing in a sent-log form for later use Schools require RFID systems today, especially because they are multifunctional. When used with computers and projectors, administrators can easily monitor the assets of the institution. The security of a building could be increased. Temporary ID cards can be given to visitors and parents, so that security guards can monitor their location and make sure they are where they are really meant to be.


Vehicle Tracking

Monitor real-time vehicle location, view trip history, send routes, messages and tasks to drivers, get reports with notifications and more!

Connect & Integrate

Connect drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data in a single platform. Connect with other systems and web services using API.


Get data from digital tachograph, CANbus, monitor fuel level and consumption, rate drivers by their driving style and much more!

User Friendly

Sarthi Track is a user-oriented platform with a simple and intuitive user interface. It is a fast and proactive platform.

mobile Apps

Sarthi Track comes with mobile versions for Android and iOS devices. TrustTrack App – for fleet managers and OnTrack App – for drivers.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is a user management platform for tracking service providers. It makes easier to create, edit, control and bill users.